He’s known as the CIA’s top mercenary fixer. But he can’t fix this. 

Jacob Smith

Seven years.

Seven long miserable years since he’d ripped his heart from his chest and left it on her doorstep when he walked away from her. But, he’d had no choice. 

At least, he’d thought he hadn’t. He was too entrenched in the CIA’s underground world to safely ever have a wife and family. 

But now, after turning his CIA dealings into a very lucrative mercenary career, here he was, about to embark on a ten-day cruise with his cabin next to hers, not by coincidence—although she didn’t know it yet. 

He wasn’t known as a ‘fixer’ for nothing. Maybe it was time to try to fix his broken heart, and hers—if she’d let him. And that was a big if, given how he’d shattered hers so long ago. 

Reignited is Book Three in the Ensenada Heat series. Each book is a standalone, with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers.